XXL Triathlon

October 5, 2024

Come & try BAYMAN experience in one of the most famous places in the world !

The race is open for individuals only and drafting will not be allowed.

XXL Triathlon

October 5, 2024

Come & try BAYMAN experience in one of the most famous places in the world !

The event is open to individuals and drafting will not be authorized.



The two-loop 3.8 km (2.4 miles) swim course starts near the river dam of Mont Saint-Michel. Athletes will jump into the seawater of Couesnon channel. River dam opens and closes twice a day allowing water circulation according to the tide. 

Click on the airplane icon to see the animation.


180 Km

2 loops 180 Km bike course. 

A new loop is proposed to the athletes this year in the heart of the brittany and norman territories. The new route favors departmental roads with very good condition. The hill of Roz sur Couesnon is still there with the Redbull event car and its DJ to set the fire. The organization also plans more animations and spectators to encourage the triathletes. The course is rolling with some nice hills (D+ of 1500m on the 180 km)and unique views on the Mont Saint-Michel.

GPX trace is available here

2 aid stations will be present in Pleine-Fougères (Km 33/119) and at the Croix Avranchin (Km 62/148). A third Aid station and personal supplies are planned at Beauvoir (Km92).

  • Water bottle
  • Overstims ISO bottle
  • Gel/Bar Overstims and Banana/Orange/Salty



The pedestrian part will consist of 4 towers. 

Run course starts along the towpath and competitors will run to the Mont Saint-Michel and they will climb this legendary place  from Km 7. A fantastic view on the bay will be available during athetes' descent. at the 7th kilometer and will be able to enjoy a superb view of the bay on the descent.

The routes in GPX format are available here: round 1 And round 2, 3 and 4.

Click on plane icon in order to see the animation.

Of the Aid stations will be positioned every 2 km:

  • Water
  • ISO Overstims
  • Coca/Saint-Yorre
  • Overstims gel/bar
  • Banana/Orange/Sausage/Tuc/cashew nuts

For the second, third and fourth loop, athletes will turn around at the bottom of Mont Saint-Michel. Finally, the athletes will make their way to the finish line on the dam with Mont Saint-Michel in the background.