a unique triathlon: BAYMAN

XXL: Change of running route

EVERYONE will climb Mont Saint-Michel during the first CAP tour of the XXL & L formats!

To take into account your feedback, BAYMAN's team has decided to modify running course.

All athletes will have the chance to climb Mont Saint-Michel during the first loop, the next round(s) will take place around the Mont Saint-Michel to enjoy the spectacle of the high tide.

The most "players" among you will always be able to measure yourself against the natural barrier 🌊 by finishing before 12 hours, this is the time needed for the tide to completely invade the bay. We're even preparing a little surprise for you on the subject...stay tuned 🤔

For those whose objective will only be to finish, the finish line will remain “open” until 14 hours after the start. 🏁

We are very happy to announce this adjustment and we promise you a unique experience on the Mont Saint-Michel with around, many, many, but so many people to encourage you!

XXL: Change of running route