a unique triathlon: BAYMAN

It's springtime at Mont Saint-Michel!

You'll soon be able to leave the long winter leggings in the wardrobe and add minutes to your end-of-day outings to enjoy more and more of the nature around🌱!
Because you practice a sport which, in its 3 disciplines, is 100% in contact with the environment, what more beautiful place than the bay of Mont Saint-Michel to take full advantage of it?

This is an opportunity to look back at this complex and fascinating ecosystem:

🏊💧The aquatic space is as much marine as it is estuarine since the fresh waters of the three coastal rivers - the Sée, the Sélune and the Couesnon, in which swimming is practised - flow into the salt water of the Channel.

🐦🚴‍♀️L airspace, a paradise for birds including the peregrine falcon and herring gull, which you may see along the coastal passages of the cycle route.

🌾🏃The land area is a mosaic of environments that will help you pass the kms during the running part of the race with the landscape: the "herbus", these vast expanses covered with halophilous plants where thousands of salt meadow sheep graze, the polders, the tidal flats, the dark grey sand that is so characteristic.

Picture : © EPMSM

It's springtime at Mont Saint-Michel!