a unique triathlon: BAYMAN

A unique triathlon

in Mont Saint-Michel



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XXL Triathlon

3,8 km swim / 180 km bike/
42,195 km run

Saturday, September 30th

Start: 7:45am

L Triathlon   

1,9 km swim / 90 km bike/
21 km run

Saturday, September 30th

Start: 10:15am

M Triathlon  

1,5 km swim / 40 km bike /
10 km run

Sunday, October 1st

Start: 10h00am

Very happy and very proud to welcome you all, even more numerous than last year, for this second edition of the BAYMAN, international triathlon of Mont Saint-Michel and its Bay.

This adventure was born from the shared love of triathlon, sports enthusiasts and the richness of the heritage, here particularly exceptional. What triathlete has not one day dreamed of lining up at the start of a course that would allow them to explore one of the most beautiful monuments in France!

For the celebration to be complete, it had to place the practitioner at the center of all attention, be accessible and respectful of the environment.

These are the ingredients that made the success of the first edition that we have mixed again by adding your feedback and ideas. We can't wait to show you all these new features.

New finish line, new swimming start, new bike course, high tides, volunteers more motivated than ever, entertainment during the race... The organizing team has done everything to ensure that your experience is unforgettable!

Thanks to the entire organizing team. Thank you to the 700 volunteers mobilized. Thank you to the elected officials of the region, committed to our side. Thank you to the private partners for their trust.

Thanks also to the Mont Saint-Michel Public Establishment without whom nothing would be possible.

Thank you, the 2,300 athletes, including 138 international, for choosing the BAYMAN to end your triathlon season.

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our institutional partners


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